Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Restless Cold Feet

It's -0 right now...some days I hate Minnesota. *sigh*

I'm having some serious job woe today. I'm thinking a good chunk of it is just new year resolution crap, but the bottom line is that I'm just not motivated there. Maybe it's just because I'm sort of trapped here right now: stuck in the house because it's butt-cold, stuck in MN because the housing market is so shitty there will be no attempt for at least a year, and and stuck in the middle of winter blues. :) Therefore I say, suck it up and read a book! Or in my case, suck it up and write a book!

And so I'm off.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


And suddenly a whole new year with unemployment anxiety and Daytona 500 excitement...hopefully the first will be resolved before the second arrives. Oy.

2008 appears to be a year for major changes in my family. My parents are discussing moving to California after my mom got a HUGE job offer in Sacramento. The emotional stew brewing about this is pretty confused: it'll be hard to see the house I grew up in go to someone else. It was really hard at Christmas this year, realizing that will probably be my last Christmas in that house. But at the same time, this is a major opportunity for her and they're really excited about it. Plus we've been talking about moving out west for a year or two (after the housing market comes back up and we can actually SELL the place we live in now). Portland, OR is my current frontrunner choice, which wouldn't be far from Sacramento OR from Seattle. My sister's talking about moving there after she finishes her PhD, so we'd only be one family-member short on the west coast.

I'm still sick to death of my job, but until my hubby finds a new one I'm sort of stuck...which is probably the biggest reason I'm sick of my job. Besides, now that I'm here for the 401k dump that happens right around mid-January, I may as well stay until bonuses come out in March, right? Ugh...that's how I always talk myself into staying another year...this will be 8 with my company. Maybe we'll win the powerball tomorrow night and I can do something else entirely!!