Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Way Norm Coleman Caller!

Political callers, whether robocalls or actual people, should be required to be unblocked for caller ID. Better yet, how about you don't call at all, but especially during the dinner hour.

Come ON! If I was thinking of leaning that way in Tuesday's vote, the call was definitely a push in the opposite direction. After all, Al Franken's lackeys haven't called yet.

I can't wait for next Wednesday!


The issue with my job waxes and wanes on a regular basis...suffice it to say that after 8 years I'm damn burnt out there. It's almost worse that I like the people I work with...I may like them and the benefits, but I truly detest what I do for a living: it's not a bad job, it's just not my passion. Number crunching and such gets to be a sucking drain of energy for me. Ugh.

It's way worse when we have an argument at home for any reason, but now that that's over I can try to cope with work, because now is a really bad time financially for me to find something else: have to wait until after year-end at the absolute minimum. So between my work stress and his, this week was rough. And our anniversary is tomorrow...I can't wait for a relaxing evening with my husband at a fancy french resturaunt and hotel.

Aah...the date.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am

A giant ball of anger, frustration, and sadness. I hate hate hate avoiding issues. I hate the constant hamster-wheel of negative thoughts, the perpetual knot writhing in my belly (with corresponding ishy feelings), the elephant lurking everywhere. And yet at the moment I'm stuck here until acceptance wins or avoidance drives me over the proverbial end of my patience.

Ha. Patience. No one has ever accused me of having any of that, for certain.

Perhaps this is a karmic lesson in exactly that.

If so, I don't like it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yahoo IM

The following is 90% of what I receive when I'm "active" on Yahoo IM. THIS is why I'm rarely, if ever, show up as online.

Weirdo on IM: How tall are you? (note not how are you, no introduction, just how tall)
Me: why?
Weirdo: just curious (this little phrase is repeated throughout the conversation) Are you short?

Short version: I say nope, tell him I'm 6'. to which he immediately asks if I wear heels, and how high, adn can I kick and how high and am I strong etc etc.

Me: Dude, I'm done. Not interested in being some weird fetishist's masturbatory fantasy.
Him: Want me to send my pic?

SERIOUSLY? Fucking weirdos! Why do they all find ME? Clearly it's time to revisit my yahoo profile.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stuff in General

It's Friday afternoon and I've had quite the crapola week. No counselor appointment this week, which really sucks because there are some things going on I'd like to talk to her about, so I burned holes in my keyboard doing the "brain dump" writing exercise for, oh, about six hours total over the week. My hands hurt, and very little of the writing could be used for anything else, it's just a download of all the ridiculous, hurting, mental thoughts bouncing around in my head lately.

Today I took Thor to the vet because his ears have been ISHY for a few days. Yeah. Found out #1: his ears are fine, they're just waxy and that wasn't even enough to bring him in. #2: his foot, which I knew he'd been licking like mad but didnt' see anything terrible in there, is majorly infected and I was chastised by the vet for waiting so long to bring him in. Geez. The guy is sort of a jerk anyway: great with animals, sucky with people. I could see he was trying to be as nice as possible when telling me not to wait if it happens again, but I definitely got the gist of the underlying "are you stupid" attitude. And now my poor pup will be a pill popping crazy dog: benadryl 3x/day (for the allergies in his feet that apparently cause the licking in the first place), anti-biotics 2x/day (for the infection), anti-biotic foot wipes (same) AND fancy pants ear wash for the ishyness problem. And then the bill, which was probably cheaper than my old vet but still hurt. Great.

Oh, and now I'm getting the "How COULD you mom?" look. So Dave's picking up a cheeseburger for him at BK on the way home. Because we're suckers.

But on the bright side I got to work from home most of this afternoon, and contrary to any snarky comments, I actually DID work from home. If I have spreadsheets and such to work on it's actually easier for me to be at home: I can focus without all the phone calls, peeps wanting to chat/vent, and random extra emails from coworkers.

And the extra 2 loads of laundry I was able to do from the time I got home from the vet and the time I logged off the work website? Bonus...sad, but true. That's 2 loads I don't have to do this weekend baby!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm an idiot. I wrote a whole post on my other blog by accident. The other one is pretty much just for Nic and I to bitch about our adventures in trying to get healthy. Adn for some inane reason Blogger doesn't allow cutting and pasting of the text without major hassle.

Oh well. It was random anyway.