Friday, November 27, 2009

Life-1, NaNoWriMo - 0

Sunday is the last night for 2009 NaNoWriMo, and I've utterly failed. I only wrote about 8,500 words this month: between wedding shenanigans and work it just didn't happen.

We've both been monumentally cranky and out-of-sorts lately: job stresses are pushing us both to the limit of patience. He has a better chance of finding something else (that will pay equal to what he gets now) so I'm hopeful on that front. I, however, am finding NOTHING to apply for anywhere: ONE in North Carolina that sounded interesting, except it's still in the same industry I'd like to exit as soon as possible. Whether we move away or stay in MN, I have to find something I enjoy doing that will at least make enough to live on, and so far that's proven impossible. Argh.

A cosmic nudge to stop blogging and get back to writing? Perhaps...I need something to get my mind off the show on Sunday anyway, since (as usual) I barely know the choreography.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Blarg Redux

I realized after reading this (and posting before a final proof, silly me...the peeps were at the door!) that I made it totally sound like I was irked to be babysitting the kids. Absolutely not! We had a fun time: ordered pizza, watched The Sword in the Stone, and watched them play with the dogs. All was well in our house (except hubs was clearly tired).

And they're now gone, all laundry except 1.5 loads is done (one load in the washing machine, one load to be done) and will be finished tomorrow. It's even almost all FOLDED. I know, shocker. I hates laundry, I do. Still need to do the deep-Fall-cleanup in the house, since it's done outside, so when I get paid for last sessions's bellydance classes I can decide if I want to have the carpets cleaned or not. Realized it's been FIVE years this spring since we moved the hell did that happen? How did that happen without replacing windows, flooring, etc like we've planned and replanned?

Oh yeah, there was the money thing. *sigh* And now I'm considering the possibility of another long-term roommate (I'm hoping NOT, but for said possible roommate's sake, not ours, as I still hold out hope the situation will improve), which will force me to redo my office yet again and figure out where the hell I can write in peace. But that's a problem for another day: for now just getting out of bed to go to my job is quite enough trouble.

I truly hate seeing close friends in pain, especially the stoic ones. There's a thin line between intruding and being "there" for someone, and I don't always know the difference, so I'm making a serious effort to stay back, but it's really hard when you just want to comfort someone.


Worked from home this afternoon: got some laundry done and such along with a few calls to LA (for work purposes, not calling the parental units).

Spent some time being an ear for a friend, for whom I feel terrible right now. How long DOES one stay in a bad marriage before it's ok to say "I've done all I possibly can and I just can't do it anymore"? That's a state I hope I never get to, emotionally or otherwise. I can't imagine just how terrible it would feel to NOT be able to be yourself in your own home, with your family. Exhausting, that's the first thing that comes to mind. Exhausting and sad.

And on top of all that, we had to escalate the Association situation to a lawyer...and as of today it will be escalated to the county attorney. So it's possible that money will never see our reserve account again. Damn dammit. Tonight (as secretary) I get to take a letter written by the president to Kinkos, make copies (Jess...makin' Co-pies...) and send them out or walk them around to all the homeowners.

And our niece and nephews are coming over for dinner. argh. There will be no NaNo tonight, which irks me.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kiss Army!

Ok, I'm not actually a card-carrying memeber (yes, they DO sell cards so you can BE a card-carrying member) of the Kiss army. However, we had a fantabulous time at the concert last night. Rock on (and my ears are still ringing a little bit) Kiss and Buckcherry!

It was an eventful day all around: had a tiff with the hubby, had bellydance class, board stuff, cleaning up the backyard for snow (and the lawn clean-up crew, who I'm sure would appreciate my efforts if they knew how much dog poop was under those leaves), dog park extravaganza which culminated in burdock in a certain idiot's big white tail, which resulted in Dave cutting most of the hair off said tail, and was immediately followed by a dog BATH extravaganza.

Good lord! And after the ear-blowing most excellent concert, we went to the Safety Services (Ren Fest) party at Martha's house. In a historic event, I was actually nowhere near ready to go home at 2:30am when Dave was wearing out. That's the first time EVER that he's been tired and ready to leave before me at a social event. I'm still a little shocked, actually.

And the boys are still worn out after yesterday's activities: they've been sleeping all day. Lazy bones!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

NaNo Count: 6,000

I'm 4000 words short of the goal for this week...HOWEVER, last Sunday and tonight are the first real opportunities I've had to write this week. Thank GOD this association issue should be resolved, or at least out of the board's hands, after tomorrow. I waffled quite a bit on whether I even wanted to sign up for NaNo this year, seeing as last weekend was our first weekend off in 2.5 months and there's always some family stuff in November. But even if I don't make the goal of 50,000 words by the 30th, this gives me a goal to try to meet each day or week or month, which is smaller than the general goal "finish one of the books."

However, I'm pretty damn annoyed tonight. In fact, I'm downright pissed off, and it's actually distracting me out of the storyline, which only serves to annoy me further. argh a lot.

So it's 12:21am and I'm giving up for the night with cramping fingers and a cranky mind. If I'm lucky I'll get a couple of hours in tomorrow before KISS and the SS party...but as there's also housecleaning that needs to be done and dogs to pay attention to, something tells me Sunday will be my next opportunity. Damn damn damn.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm Spoda be Working

My to do list is far, FAR longer than I should've allowed it to grow. We're so far behind on housekeeping I'm actually embarrassed to have anyone over, which sucks because I realy LIKE having people over (in an odd way, it forces me to clean).

I finished the Lakeville beginner class tonight, and am both sad and relieved. Relieved because with the HOA crap going on right now I'm a little overwhelmed...sad because it turns out I really like teaching. I had some excellent compliments tonight: most of the class wants to know if I'm teaching in January, and two of the girls asked if I teach outside of community ed.'s just downright weird to think of the possibility.

And as the course of the evening wore on (after some pretty gross Long John Silver's, typing up the recent board meetings' notes, etc etc) I was offered the opportunity to teach BOTH Lakeville classes in January. So the vote of confidence in my teaching ability isn't just from my students: it's also from my teacher, under whose professional school I'm doing these it's a warm fuzzy to know that she thinks I'm good enough to teach under her name.

Plus, teaching bellydance is about the most fun part time job I've ever working in a bookstore by miles. However, the danger is that now it's 11:30pm, I should've been in bed at least an hour ago, and I'm wide awake after getting pumped up in class. and am I working on NaNoWriMo?

No. Posting here instead. NaNo in the morning though, and most of this weekend (outside of giving the two stinky furballs baths...but I don't have to do that alone. I've extracted promises of help from the hubs).

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Boys

My house is all about DOG right now, which I'm sure is monumentally boring to most people, but when those are the only kids we have they provide the most consistent trials and entertainment for us during the week.

I came home last night to find a bag of garbage ripped open and spread all over the floor from the front door to the living room. Both delinquents hid under the table (well, Thor hid under the table...Chewy's too big to do that so he just lay on the floor by Thor) looking pathetically up at me in a "but I didn't do it!!" way. I told them both they'd make lovely rugs, as I do often these days when they piss me off. But Chewy's 2 and a pretty untrained 2, so he's in the evil teenage stage anyway, so eventually patience wins out and they survive.

This morning, in a complete 180 of bad behavior, they actually played together instead of arguing over breakfast. The 150lb dog, who moves like a lumbering bear and has absolutely NO coordination or grace, thought it woudl be a great idea to jump on one couch, bite Thor a few times, then jump off and run/jump to the other couch.

Only the jumping doesn't quite work for him...and instead of jumping ON the furniture he'd catch his front paws and faceplant into the cushions. At which point Thor jumped (nimbly, for he IS pretty graceful and light on his feet) next to him and bit his ear. Then they'd run to the other side of the living room and repeat.

It was a most excellently entertaining way to start my day.