Monday, November 09, 2009

Blarg Redux

I realized after reading this (and posting before a final proof, silly me...the peeps were at the door!) that I made it totally sound like I was irked to be babysitting the kids. Absolutely not! We had a fun time: ordered pizza, watched The Sword in the Stone, and watched them play with the dogs. All was well in our house (except hubs was clearly tired).

And they're now gone, all laundry except 1.5 loads is done (one load in the washing machine, one load to be done) and will be finished tomorrow. It's even almost all FOLDED. I know, shocker. I hates laundry, I do. Still need to do the deep-Fall-cleanup in the house, since it's done outside, so when I get paid for last sessions's bellydance classes I can decide if I want to have the carpets cleaned or not. Realized it's been FIVE years this spring since we moved the hell did that happen? How did that happen without replacing windows, flooring, etc like we've planned and replanned?

Oh yeah, there was the money thing. *sigh* And now I'm considering the possibility of another long-term roommate (I'm hoping NOT, but for said possible roommate's sake, not ours, as I still hold out hope the situation will improve), which will force me to redo my office yet again and figure out where the hell I can write in peace. But that's a problem for another day: for now just getting out of bed to go to my job is quite enough trouble.

I truly hate seeing close friends in pain, especially the stoic ones. There's a thin line between intruding and being "there" for someone, and I don't always know the difference, so I'm making a serious effort to stay back, but it's really hard when you just want to comfort someone.

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