Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost Hopeful?

So it appears the Bob Job is pays sorta decently and he's getting fingerprinted at the airport start Thursday. This is still a temporary fix to an ongoing issue though, because I know running a forklift and a floor polisher won't be sufficient for him in the long run. But in the meantime, it'll get our bills paid, replenish our savings, and buy the damned iphone he wants so bad.

I have chosen to remain stuck (I guess since I chose it I shouldn't call it stuck) at my job until at least 4/1/09...because instead of normal bonuses this year we got a "partnership" bonus. meaning if you take the bonus and leave before 4/1 of the next year you have to pay it back. 100% of it...even though f-ing bonuses are taxed at 39% because the government sucks. Anyway, there you go. I'm sticking there for a while longer and trying to refocus on writing for the long term instead of finding something I like to do more than Reinsurance consulting.

It's fucking snowing. Again. It's March 31st and we're in the middle of a goddamn major snowstorm, of course it won't be big enough to close the office tomorrow. Oh no, so I'll get a joyous morning commute.

I'm cranky. Must've been the bad dreams last night about Terminator chasing me. Weird! No more Red Lobster for dinner after 8pm!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Think My Mummy Won...

I am NOT Excited

So. A good friend called today to say she got the job: the uber job at the Strib that will 1) make her significantly more moola and 2) allow them to move from Hopkins (1/2 hour away in good traffic) to Eagan (10 minutes away and closer to her fiancee's job and kids). WOOHOO and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

And in other job-y news, Hubby got a job! Now, the reason for my title: i am NOT going to get worked up about this until he has a confirmation of pay, bennies and start date. However, it's pretty much a lock since the boss is a good buddy of ours. He'd be working at the airport, which isn't far away, for probably (hopefully) more money and better hours than Goodyear. So...yahoosama may be in order, but I'm holding off on the actual celebratory dance until it's confirmed.

Of course, "hey I have a job" was IMMEDIATELY, as in the same breath, followed by "I get to buy an iphone now, right?"

*sigh* doesn't even begin to cover my response. Sometimes I'm more wifey than I'd like to be, but I put forth in my own defense that I'm only more wifey than necessary when he's more husbandy than I can stand. So there. Nyah nyah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Wednesday Thoughts

My keyboard is acting all wonky today. Not sure it sausage-finger syndrome, or is there actually an issue?

I have a $9 late fee at the library. Oops...the whole point of going to the library is to keep my book addiction costs down! I suppose it didn't help that I picked up 6 more last a few fun books and a few research books. Cable may well be on its way out in our house, depending on the job situation for the hubby, and in that case I really need to get on track with the reading and writing instead of watching TV all the damn time.

The dog is giving me the evil eye for typing this instead of playing with him.

Hubby is at the Auto Show with the boys: woohoo for a night at home mostly long as puppykins stays content with his spot on the couch this promises to be a relaxing night.

My job still sucks.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

And more on the cat theme...

Got the new picture from a fun email. I know I know: lotsa cats lately. I'm working on uploading some nifty Thor (aka Furface) pictures from the new digital camera we got for xmas...but I'll admit I'm slow on the technological uptake. I'm sure my gadget-wielding husband would agree. And said Furface is lying on the guest bed in my office right now, fussing at me for typing instead of throwing his well-abused octopus toy down the hallway. I'm not sorry.

The Mall of America during the state hockey finals? Hmm....I belive the 8th circle of hell is an apt description. Although it wasnt' so bad until the stupid Prom fashion show was over and the cattle were released from the Rotunda. Getting to Barnes and Noble was completely impossible after about 11:30 am...getting out by 2:30 was a priority. Wowza.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Irregular Cat Hats

Oh my god.

Funniest thing I've seen all day. Sometimes I think I may have more fun observing oddities in people than anything else.

Hence my fascination with Renaissance Festival, I suppose. Sometimes Craigslist reminds me a lot of fest...

Kung-Fu Hamsters and Writing Contests

So my mom decided to take a pretty fancy-pants job at Cedars-Sinai in LA. No, she hasn't seen Britney Spears yet. But she HAS moved out there, which must be quite the shock-ola coming from Duluth, MN...the cold left buttcheek of the universe (per my husband). Dad's not moving until spring, so she's alone out there...and I discovered the other day that Target sells the most obnoxious toy ever.

Kung-Fu Fighting hamsters. In a full gi with nunchucks. Press the hand and what do you get? Everybody was kung-fu fighting, of course, complete with dancing and spinning of said weapons. So I sent it to her with no explanation: just the idiotic toy in the box. She said I'm disturbed: learned from the best, I did!

I'm taking a major mental health day today: my job is NOT going well, at least not for me. I believe they're happy with me, which is most excellent because I have too much pride to be completely sucky until I get fired, but just becuase I do the work and do it well doesn't mean I have to like it. I know, I know: that's why it's called WORK, right? THe last six months at my job have made me really REALLY miss plumbing. A lot. Corporate america is not my niche, but I haven't been able to wind my way out of the maze yet. It's frustrating and depressing and I'm sure my hubby should get a medal for putting up with me, except that he's still working on finding a job so we've both been hard to deal with. Even the pre-paid (as in, paid for last fall when we both still worked) vacation to Florida didn't help much: still stressed out, still broke, and still hating the MN right now. Ugh. I did find a job or two in Portland I could apply for (unfortunately they're both for one of my company's major competitors, so it would be in the same industry, but sometimes just a change of pace is enough, right?)...we'll see about that one.

The guidelines for MN Monthly's annual short story contest are glaring at me because I'm writing here instead of coming up with a fantabulous new story for the contest. You only get one entry...and in all honesty I have very VERY little hope of anything because I write fantasty. MN Monthly's short stories are usually of the more, hmm, mundane fiction type. The kind I generally can't read because I get so damn bored. However, that is NOT stopping me from sending something in, it's just making me think hard about what I want to do to really put forward the best shot. It's not about the best story, it's about the best story that will be marketable for them (and hence publishable).

I've discovered that the long rides in the car to and from Duluth when I'm visiting home are excellent brainstorming times. I've also discovered that trying to write down even shorthand versions of those ideas while going 75 (ok...probably closer to 85 or 90) miles an hour on the freeway is not really the best idea on earth. May have to invest in one of those nifty digital recorder doohickies, because I had some fantastic ideas for the book when I was on the road between Hinkley and Burnsville last weekend. And I can't remember the details for a single one! DAMMIT!

On that note, off to write on my sneaky day off. And because I know you're the ones who read this, hi Roberto and Brenda!! :)