Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Wednesday Thoughts

My keyboard is acting all wonky today. Not sure it sausage-finger syndrome, or is there actually an issue?

I have a $9 late fee at the library. Oops...the whole point of going to the library is to keep my book addiction costs down! I suppose it didn't help that I picked up 6 more last a few fun books and a few research books. Cable may well be on its way out in our house, depending on the job situation for the hubby, and in that case I really need to get on track with the reading and writing instead of watching TV all the damn time.

The dog is giving me the evil eye for typing this instead of playing with him.

Hubby is at the Auto Show with the boys: woohoo for a night at home mostly long as puppykins stays content with his spot on the couch this promises to be a relaxing night.

My job still sucks.

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