Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am NOT Excited

So. A good friend called today to say she got the job: the uber job at the Strib that will 1) make her significantly more moola and 2) allow them to move from Hopkins (1/2 hour away in good traffic) to Eagan (10 minutes away and closer to her fiancee's job and kids). WOOHOO and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

And in other job-y news, Hubby got a job! Now, the reason for my title: i am NOT going to get worked up about this until he has a confirmation of pay, bennies and start date. However, it's pretty much a lock since the boss is a good buddy of ours. He'd be working at the airport, which isn't far away, for probably (hopefully) more money and better hours than Goodyear. So...yahoosama may be in order, but I'm holding off on the actual celebratory dance until it's confirmed.

Of course, "hey I have a job" was IMMEDIATELY, as in the same breath, followed by "I get to buy an iphone now, right?"

*sigh* doesn't even begin to cover my response. Sometimes I'm more wifey than I'd like to be, but I put forth in my own defense that I'm only more wifey than necessary when he's more husbandy than I can stand. So there. Nyah nyah.

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  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Yeah, I have one of those husbandy husbands--I sometimes refer to him as the third kid, or my most immature kid, or.....ya get the picture. Congrats to Dave on the job!! We will have to get together soon.


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