Saturday, March 08, 2008

And more on the cat theme...

Got the new picture from a fun email. I know I know: lotsa cats lately. I'm working on uploading some nifty Thor (aka Furface) pictures from the new digital camera we got for xmas...but I'll admit I'm slow on the technological uptake. I'm sure my gadget-wielding husband would agree. And said Furface is lying on the guest bed in my office right now, fussing at me for typing instead of throwing his well-abused octopus toy down the hallway. I'm not sorry.

The Mall of America during the state hockey finals? Hmm....I belive the 8th circle of hell is an apt description. Although it wasnt' so bad until the stupid Prom fashion show was over and the cattle were released from the Rotunda. Getting to Barnes and Noble was completely impossible after about 11:30 am...getting out by 2:30 was a priority. Wowza.

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