Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost Hopeful?

So it appears the Bob Job is pays sorta decently and he's getting fingerprinted at the airport start Thursday. This is still a temporary fix to an ongoing issue though, because I know running a forklift and a floor polisher won't be sufficient for him in the long run. But in the meantime, it'll get our bills paid, replenish our savings, and buy the damned iphone he wants so bad.

I have chosen to remain stuck (I guess since I chose it I shouldn't call it stuck) at my job until at least 4/1/09...because instead of normal bonuses this year we got a "partnership" bonus. meaning if you take the bonus and leave before 4/1 of the next year you have to pay it back. 100% of it...even though f-ing bonuses are taxed at 39% because the government sucks. Anyway, there you go. I'm sticking there for a while longer and trying to refocus on writing for the long term instead of finding something I like to do more than Reinsurance consulting.

It's fucking snowing. Again. It's March 31st and we're in the middle of a goddamn major snowstorm, of course it won't be big enough to close the office tomorrow. Oh no, so I'll get a joyous morning commute.

I'm cranky. Must've been the bad dreams last night about Terminator chasing me. Weird! No more Red Lobster for dinner after 8pm!

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