Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yahoo IM

The following is 90% of what I receive when I'm "active" on Yahoo IM. THIS is why I'm rarely, if ever, show up as online.

Weirdo on IM: How tall are you? (note not how are you, no introduction, just how tall)
Me: why?
Weirdo: just curious (this little phrase is repeated throughout the conversation) Are you short?

Short version: I say nope, tell him I'm 6'. to which he immediately asks if I wear heels, and how high, adn can I kick and how high and am I strong etc etc.

Me: Dude, I'm done. Not interested in being some weird fetishist's masturbatory fantasy.
Him: Want me to send my pic?

SERIOUSLY? Fucking weirdos! Why do they all find ME? Clearly it's time to revisit my yahoo profile.

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