Thursday, October 30, 2008


The issue with my job waxes and wanes on a regular basis...suffice it to say that after 8 years I'm damn burnt out there. It's almost worse that I like the people I work with...I may like them and the benefits, but I truly detest what I do for a living: it's not a bad job, it's just not my passion. Number crunching and such gets to be a sucking drain of energy for me. Ugh.

It's way worse when we have an argument at home for any reason, but now that that's over I can try to cope with work, because now is a really bad time financially for me to find something else: have to wait until after year-end at the absolute minimum. So between my work stress and his, this week was rough. And our anniversary is tomorrow...I can't wait for a relaxing evening with my husband at a fancy french resturaunt and hotel.

Aah...the date.

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