Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Convergence 2007

I spent the past few days immersed in geekdom, and while I'm rather proud to say I never donned Spock ears or a Klingon mask (my husband speaks Klingon: I figure one ubergeek in the family is enough), I did learn a few things.

Women over 350lbs can be gorgeous. Not in a schoolgirl miniskirt outfit jiggling their knees.

Men at ANY size look silly in cardboard costumes.

Don't mess with Klingons: they stick together.

Avoid any Rudybrew UNLESS you're trying to get completely schnockered. If that is your goal, enjoy! Excellent mixes if you like 100% alchohol and no mixer...yum!

I cannot share a hotel room, even withclose friends, because inevitably someone snores...or moves...during the night and my husband can't sleep, which in turn causes a 4:30am drive home, thus completely wasting the $100 we spent on the room.

I am not an exhibitionist, although I do enjoy giggling at those who are.

I voted Xena for President.

Normal life takes some serious adjustment after 4th of July weekend. Oy.

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