Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Renaissance Festival Scenes

Things I've seen at Fest this year, both horrifying and hilarious:

-A friend of mine dropped trou, completely, and "slapped" his thighs. Funniest thing I'd seen in quite some time...but I gave serious thought to brain bleach afterward.

-Four children, two boys and two girls, all aged well under 10. They apparently work for the Pony people. One of the boys was wrestling with the older girl: the other boy yelled "get off my wife!". The little girl responded with "are they going to have sex?". The boy wrestling said "your wife's a bitch", and the girl wrestling hit him. WTF??? Seriously. I'm still horrified, and it's been a week. Ishy.

-At the annual Fencing booth tournament, the entire crowd got together to donate over $300 to Make a Wish foundation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fencing boothies: they're generousity is inspiring.

-A very cute bellydancer strolling casually down the lane, carrying a fishing pole with a beer bottle tied to the end. Fishing for boys. Ah, gypsies. They're awesome.

-The King, cuddling a very very small brindle colored chiuahuah puppy wearing a King costume. Lulu got FAR more attention than the King, as her cuteness was just beyond.

-A drunk patron so "upset" about being rejected as a suitable husband during a bellydance show, he jumped into the pond. I believe he didn't realize the pond is chest deep...he was quite shocked.

Oh yes, there are more. I'll keep an eye out for good ones this weekend, as it's the final weekend for the season. Sad, but welcome at the same time. It'll be nice to have my weekends back, for sure.

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