Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Heart Tax Season

I realize it's ridiculous to be excited to do my taxes, but this year we have some serious deductions and such that will create a MUCH bigger tax refund than last year, per Turbo Tax's calculators. Since we do have quite a bit of debt, this makes me monumentally happy. Paying off some big ticket items and sticking a chunk of change into our savings will go a long way to making me feel more secure, especially since even my company started laying off people today. Granted, our layoffs are the result of a merger causing overlapping jobs (none of which should effect my department at all), but still: uncertainty is uncertainty. For the first time I don't really feel guilty about our recent vacation: it was worth it, we saved for it, and now we'll replenish those savings and pay off some debt.

On top of that, my husband gave me the ultimate writing compliment the other day. Generally a lot of what I write isn't really his style, but he'll be supportive anyway and say whether the writing is good or not, regardless of the content. The most recent shortie was, in his words, "Poe-ish." Wow.

He did suggest therapy, too...but the story has had several incarnations and is as polished as I can make it without obsessing, so it's off. We'll see what happens next.

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