Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reviews and Employment

I had my annual performance review today. The good news is: I'm not fired. Hey, in this uncertain economy AND uncertain merger with the much larger company (who has made it very clear that "merger" really means we're buying you and making unpleasant changes)...well, let's just say I wasn't positive I was safe. In all fairness, I'm still not sure I'm safe for this year, simply because said monster company hasn't decided what to do with my department yet. But for now, performance wise, I'm good.

Except I apparently didn't do all the extra credit last year I was supposed to. Corporate jobs are all about managing expectations...and I guess I didn't manage my supervisor's supervisor's expectations of me well. I kicked ASS last year at work, but all she talked about was my stupid developmental know, stuff like attending additional training or reading books specific to my line of work...etc etc etc. For the first time I came away from a performance review feeling like I truly lacked, even though I EXCEEDED all of the actual work-related goals for the year.

Of course that was followed by "we all need to work harder with less" and no raises this year (for the second year in a row) but the goals for 2009 should be "stretch" goals. I'd like to see where the hell they think the incentive is for that, plus 100 extra hours of client-facing time, plus 10+ hours of "development" or training.

Seriously, why am I still there?

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