Monday, March 30, 2009

I Know a Few of These

The subject of this article, the Toxic Witch, is ever so reminiscent of a few unnamed women at Fest. Renaissance Festival is one of the most accepting places for people of all backgrounds to hang out together: that accepting attitude unfortunately seems to be a magnet for the unstable of both sexes. Occasionally the visibly "issued" will show up: men looking for girlfriends in the WAY too young age category, ex-girlfriends who follow around their former lovers and hang outside their booths making everyone uncomfortable...

But the worst are the women who purposly befriend couples only to attempt to break them up later. The ones who try to get in the man's pants while he's drunk at the bar after hours only to tell the S.O. all about it the next day, or spread insidious rumors to anyone who will listen. These women are so pathetic, they do it just to see if they have the power to create drama and trouble between a couple. Many a man has been on the receiving end of these rumors, and quite a few relationships weren't strong enough to withstand their efforts.

Fest is just like high-school: rumors fly like mad and gossip provides entertainment on the hot days. Befriending one of these women only brings out the pain-in-the-ass factor, and unfortunately it can take a little while to get the TW radar working properly to avoid trouble. But it does start working eventually, and just like any other bully in life: the more you ignore one of these raging bitches, the sooner they go away.

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