Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Blackberry Preakness

WOOHOO Mine That Bird...go go go! I didn't know until today that crackberry is now the main sponsor of the race. Weird: something about that just doesn't strike me as classy enough for a Triple Crown race. But I do think it's about the coolest thing ever that a 50-1 horse co-owned, trained, and ridden by the same guy won. I love that the owners showed up in a pickup and run down trailer. I love that the underdog won...I just hope they can go all the way: I'd like to see a triple crown winner in my lifetime.

I should be planting my new flowers while runnign the dishwasher today (still trying to make headway into the mess resulting from cabinet refurbishing). But instead I'm watching a $9,500 gelding's biography...I can't help it. He's awesome.

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