Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This Economy

SUCKS. It just sucks. I spent a few hours looking for jobs in Florida again tonight: the bottom line is I was an IDIOT to go into the career I'm currently in, becuase there are no job opportunities anywhere near where I want to live. AND, most of the skills I've learned don't transfer appropriately to other fields: too much data/financial analysis for sales/marketing/writing/editing jobs, too little accounting (and no accounting degree) for credit/finance/banking. ARGH!!!

I'm tired of feeling like the next step forward is my responsibility. And I'm damn tired of sitting still.


  1. Nissa1:57 PM

    Here, here! I agree with your pain 1000%! I have to much sales experience to completely be an editor or desginer (even though I do have experience and a degree in such) and too much outside sales to be considered for a marketing copywriter. Hello? And I'm not even worried about WHERE I live, just as long as I can be happy. This is where starting your OWN biz is best. Idea?

  2. If you can do copywriting, try some of those copywriting/sale writing jobs can pay quite a bit! It's an online freelancing broker, basically...a friend of mine uses it all the time. I'm on there for editing. Hey, it'd be some extra $$ on the side!


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