Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reality Strikes Again


A certain someone asked me recently to send him a copy of THE story. The story that made the Honorable Mention list for Women on Writing. Fool that I am, I assumed he actually wanted to read it.

Incorrect...it was part of the "reconnect with past love while fighting with wife" syndrome I was the subject of last week. At least, that's my assumption since I haven't heard a peep from that corner of the world since last Wednesday. *sigh* Fickle frienships.

In other news...got back from LA last night at o-dark-thirty and had about 3 hours sleep, maybe, last night. Well worth the trip though: we had a great time, Dave got a new tattoo, saw incredible art and artifacts, spent some beach time, and ate phenomenal food. I do love the California lifestyle...and thus have applied for a bunch of jobs in the area of Newport Beach/Long Beach (as well as my standard Florida resumes when non-engineering jobs open up there). Maybe this'll be our last winter in MN yet...

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