Sunday, December 11, 2011

10,000 Words

And counting!

Ever feel like a second chance is standing there hitting you in the face with a board? Yeah. I"m there. I figure I have about three more weeks, maybe four, before some of these resumes I've been sending start to pay off, especially since I'd like to get back into reinsurance, which means everything is now on hold until after year-end financials are finished.

I was so stressed about money and worrying my family by being unemployed last time around, I didn't write enough. This time I'm determiend to finish one of the books by year-end (the full first draft, I mean). When I hit a block for the day I work on notes for the other series I have percolating in my brainpan. According to my little nanowrimo counter on my phone, I have to put in 1900 words per day until the 31st to reach 50,000 words, but that likely won't be the end of the story anyway, so I'm just going to keep writing until I reach the end.

And then start again.

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