Monday, April 22, 2013

Clearly, I'm destined to write a cosmic guide for weird harlots.

Random search patterns resulting in people finding my blog this week:

homewreckers and harlots 
werid shit cosmic guide

Let's just ignore the misspelling of "weird" (would that be pronounced WEE-Rid?) since I'm assuming someone just fat-fingered their google search screen...although my blog is still recognized by google for both weird AND werid shit, and I think that's just neat.

I'm taking this as a sign, particularly since I found inspiration for a short story today from the story of Medusa's change from Gorgeous Gorgon to stone-faced bitch with snaky hair. I'm certain all three themes will go well together.

In other news, I was informed that Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is not available on the wedding scene. YET. Other variations of camo are, indeed, available for tuxes. I so wish I could go to that wedding.


  1. Oh, I love a good Gorgon story ;) I'd like to read that one some day.

    People search for some odd stuff. Someone's finding my blog with search terms like "apocalypse begins with missing forks."

    I'm thinking it's a typo and they meant "folks". And then they found my apocalypse blog that talks about forks, and they were probably not helped at all.

  2. I am glad you are back :) Your posts make me chuckle. Also--I'd take it as a compliment that such weird searches bring people to you! Is there is a freak flag army, perhaps you can be a Major General?

    Medusa was a bitch. She deserved that snakey hair.

    Someone once found my blog with the search "Help, my penis is missing," and I still haven't been able to figure out why/how. I hope they didn't really lose their penis, I think that about sometimes.

  3. Sounds to me like you've found a gap in the market. Get on that! Write that cosmic guide for werid harlots!

  4. Aren't search engines awesome. I used to get all kinds of fun things before my Immortal Mondays. Now the results for those eclipse everything else. Of course, with my recent location change I may see a change in the search engine results for a short while.

    How fun is it that I pop over here to read your blog and I see Medusa being talked about. Can't wait to hear about where to take your short story.


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