Monday, July 01, 2013

Montana in a minute or less...

My sister (Han's mom) got married last weekend in her fiance's dad's Helena, Montana.

There is one, count 'em ONE, direct flight from Minneapolis to Helena, which got us there at 11:30pm. No fancy mountain pictures to be had at that time of night, but Husband and I were greeted by this:
I SEE YOU looking for your bags...
Extra amusing if you knew I had a horrific nightmare two nights before in which I was EATEN BY A GODDAMNED MOUNTAIN LION.


It was a whirlwind visit with my parents and grandparents, sisters, and of course Han, who is both extremely mobile and very opinionated about his efforts (meaning, get in his way and he either growls or screeches at you, both of which are hilariously fun to provoke...not that I'd ever do that).

The Boneless Boy Wonder crawling under the coffee table.
Someone may or may not have taught Han to pull on Husband's beard over the weekend.

Of course I have NO IDEA who would do such a thing.



  1. Hilarious! Did the mountain lion stalk you from the airport? Just askin'...

    Suzanne @

    1. If it did, I don't want to know. Bears and big cats: oh my! We're already planning a full trip (week or more) out there: it was gorgeous.


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