Monday, October 28, 2013

Groupon May Be Trying To Kill Me

First of all, I'm amused that the ad at the top of my Yahoo mail today is for makeup, when I rarely (if ever) WEAR makeup and can NEVER be called "haute" in any way.

Also, in MN the word "Haute" is rarely used at all. When it is (recently popping up in food magazines and such) it's used to refer to a high-falutin' HOTDISH* (casserole, for you non-mid-westerners) restaurant. That's right. "Haute Dish" is a place in Minneapolis that serves upscale tater-tot hotdish. I don't know what that means...I loathe tater-tot hotdish so I haven't been. My point is, whatever "Haute" means in real life doesn't apply to me.**

Anyway, Groupon, as you can see, is advertising quite possibly the WORST combination for my grace skillset: roller skating with wine! Granted, every time I fall, run into a wall, or knock over my companions I'd giggle and likely feel no pain, but I expect I'd be ticketed for assault with a deadly idiot. Or at the very least, SWI. I think not, Groupon, I think not.

*See? Even Blogger doesn't know what to do with the word "hotdish" because it's a purely Mid-westerner weird thing involving casserole fixings and (usually) cream of mushroom soup in a can. Ugh.

**In case you were wondering, "Haute" is the root word for "haughty" and means pretty much exactly that: elevated, high-class, fancy-pants (well, HELLO Mr. FANCY PANTS!)

***It's POSSIBLE "fancy-pants" isn't in the official definition... but 10 points to whomever gets the movie quote.


  1. Sherry Roth2:36 PM

    Army of Darkness!!! Woo Hoo!! 10 points for me!!!

    1. 10 Points and a Boomstick! ;)

  2. I have a confession... I grew up in the Midwest (Chicago) and have never heard or used the term "hotdish." Hm, I hate when that happens.

    Also, Groupon is a little weird lately. Some of their email deal combinations look... well, strange. Snowboarding, sushi and colonic? And now you say roller skating and wine. I think there's a disgruntled employee over there.

    As long as it remains entertaining, I am not going to complain :) Now you've made me want tater tots. Do you hate tots, too? Or just hotdish? I'm intrigued.

    1. Just tater tot hotdish. Honestly, I'm not a fan of any hotdish that has cream of mushroom soup, particularly those mixed with ground beef. There are a few I like though...just not the traditional idea in MN of hotdish. Maybe Hotdish is a MN/Iowa thing? Could be: they're called "casseroles" elsewhere...

  3. I don't know hotdish either...but then again, I don't know anyone outside the greater Cincinnati area who knows what goetta is.


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