Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Who Needs April Fools When There's Texas?

As ridiculous as this post seems, it's all 100% true. Seriously, I can't make this shit up.

Across from one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants is one of the many lingerie/toy shops in the neighborhood. No, we don't live in a red-light district: Houston firmly supports the idea of families...which seems to include the making of said families.

Of course, in Texas ALL sex toys are illegal so they're only sold as "adult novelties." 

Apparently, vibrators are so dangerous here they require super-not-secret-spy code names. Stupid. 

Anyway, on our way in to get dinner, I noticed the following: 

Lingerie, Adult Novelties, Smoke Shop
 I have only one question here.

What, exactly, is being blown in the blow-out sale?
So exciting the blow-up dude bends over backwards!
Oh, just to make the absurdity that much more inappropriately fun? 

The restaurant serves fish tacos. 

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