Friday, December 16, 2016

Not The Theme I Was Looking For This Week

This isn't a real post. It's not even a Star Wars post. Mostly because I'm still not really up to writing a lot yet. But I did have a WTF moment, so: 

Yesterday I found a news headline warning Canadians NOT to try to shove the moose licking their cars, because 1000lb moose can be...fussy...about being shoved. 

And, also, it's fairly pointless AND likely to piss off said 1000lb car-licking moose. 

But apparently in Canada (and, not gonna lie, potentially in northern Minnesota) people are bafflingly willing to try to push a giant cranky deer out of the way, and have to have a warning issued to not be so goddamned stupid? 

I'm not kidding. It wasn't even on HuffPo: it was BBC. I discovered a website advertising "bargain moose" in my list of referring pages. 

What exactly constitutes a BARGAIN moose, as opposed to a full price moose? 

Is it the level of car-licking crankiness involved? 

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