Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 2, and PORTLAND!

It's day 2 of WW...I'm giving this a 17 week trial (because the damn meetings cost a BIG chunk o'change for the stupid 17 weeks) to see if I hit my personal goals. If so, I'll continue WW online (which is significantly cheaper and actually has MORE resources than the meetings, where you have to buy everything separate on top of the near $200 to join). Yeah. I guess I'm in a skeptical "we'll see" stage.

We're off to Portland to see Erin tomorrow. AND to check out the Pacific Northwest. I've figured out I need to live someplace 1) GREEN, 2) near big water and 3) preferably more temperate than Minnesota. Since I'm fairly certain moving Dave to Ireland isn't an option because I haven't gotten that 5 book deal yet (haha), we're searching for alternatives. I'm hoping the Portland/Seattle/Vancouver area of the world will be one, but if not we'll be off to find another corner to explore.

Between my great-grandma's death last week, the concert, an arrest in the family, and this trip I've had about as much success in getting significant writing done as my dog. And he drools on the keyboard. Hopefully things will slow down (or I'll speed up) a bit in the next week or two. The shit of it is, I've been particularly idea-full lately and have multiple characters and plotlines ready to develop, after the book of course.

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