Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Work is Hell!

I wasn't ready to come home!! Portland, Oregon is quite possibly the only place I'd move barring Ireland and Duluth. Since Dave's interested in neither of my other two options...we may be hoofing it out to the west coast after all, someday. Preferably in Cannon Beach, where the water is gorgeous and the town is small and touristy...Dave could open a custom shop becuase the cars NEVER rust out there, and I can write. Very inspiring view.

It was the most dog-friendly city I've ever seen. Dogs were even allowed on the beach: Florida has laws against that sort of frolicking. WEed need a week or two more to really decide, but I loved it there.

Erin was there, which is hard to even articulate properly. I missed her. A lot. I miss her more now that we're home, but she's coming to visit us sometime this summer...good thing. Two years is too long to go without my Erin fix.

So. I have a few more days then a trip to Ohio (Columbus, woohoo) for work. Then Memorial Day weekend, then Girls weekend. I haven't even seen Elyse's Lola yet!

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