Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On a Lighter Note:

I'm seriously excited about this movie: Haywire. Why? Because there's something empowering and utterly satisfying as a woman watching a tiny, built MMA fighter kick ass for real. And when I say for real I mean it: watch the first five minutes clip and you can tell Gina Carano knows what she's doing and Channing Tatum didn't hold anything back.

Excellent. Far more believable than Angelina Jolie, whom I adore but think is now WAY too skinny to really pull off being an assassin or martial artist. When she was Lara Croft, sure. But training for a movie can't ever equal professional fighting skills. I have some serious respect for Gina Carano.

Review to come the day after I see it, I'm sure.

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