Friday, September 21, 2012

My Middle Name? Definitely not THAT.

Have I mentioned I'm not a terribly patient person? Yeah. I'm not.   I have no intention of turning this blog into a medical-world-recovery diary, but it's likely to creep in here and there...
The way people react to a crisis is fascinating, and if I wasn't in the midst of one I'd likely be really interested in dissecting all the weird little peccadillo's that surface. Someday later I may do exactly that, because it's ASTOUNDING what sort of idiot dramas, petty fights, intentional exaggerations for attention, and territorial snarkiness all pop up when someone with a lot of acquaintances is hurt. Luckily, 99% of people mean well, and I definitely remember that. :)
Instead, I'm saying "fuck off" to being patient with all the drama and stress and writing about shit that's distracted me this week.
  • I've determined that all family/loved ones/friends seating in a hospital are somehow designed to get you to move on after approximately 23 minutes.
  • 23 minutes is the average amount of time it takes my ass to fall asleep in the incredibly uncomfortable chair in Husband's room. Yes, I do mean an average...some days when he's napping I time it. Because I'm mental that way.
  • I'm quite sick of pudding.
  • Yesterday it occurred to me that in the past three weeks there has been a near-constant stream of non-husband-men (and a few women) in my house at odd times of the day. I wonder what my neighbors think. 
  • Particularly the neighbor across the driveway from us, who believes he's an ex-CIA agent and spies on the entire neighborhood with scopes and night-vision-goggles. I've mentioned him before: he's the peeping dude.
  • Well, my next-door neighbors probably think "that's the birdkiller's house!" only in Spanish, which I'm far too lazy to translate here.
  •  In finding the old peeping post I looked at a bunch of really stupid post titles and have come to the following conclusions: 
    • I liked the word "abounds" WAY TOO MUCH
    • I'm significantly better at coming up with titles now. 
    • My blog was totally inane for a long time (honestly, it still is, but at least I'm occasionally better at pointing out the funny/stupid/inane crap now).
  • I did have a couple good ideas in there, like Monster Mondays and know, themes and shit (instead of the chaotic random word-flailing I'm doing now). Seriously considering starting some of them again.
  • Which requires actual thoughtful writing.
  • Which I think I'm ready to start doing again (without having a meltdown, I mean).  
 I'll try to create a real post over the weekend. Promise.


  1. Replies
    1. Heehee...thanks. :) I still think I should leave them an "I'm sorry" card or something.

    2. And when is a good day/time to see the hubby? I was thinking of taking a morning or afternoon off from work maybe next week if day time works better.

  2. Actually birdkiller's house would translate as La casa de el asesino de aves. "The house of the killer of birds."

    1. That's why I like this blog - entertaining AND educational. Take that four-years-of-high-school-French-class-that-I've-never-used-in-my-adult-life! I'm learning Spanish now!

  3. I don't know how you do it! I'd send the Wormy Kitty your way for some hugs and kneading of paws, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea. She bites. Hugs & love! XO

  4. "chaotic random word-flailing" are usually some of my favorite posts to read. Sorry to hear the hubby is in the hospital and sorry to hear about your numb bum. :(

  5. I don't think I've ever used the word "abounds" before. I must get on that.


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