Friday, October 12, 2012

Indeed, you WON'T like me when I'm angry.

The boys are pissed of this week.

I can tell. The carpet by the upstairs bathroom has a brand-new-pee-spot EVERY GODDAMN NIGHT.

They're so mad, they're not even peeing on the tile.

Do you have any idea how much urine a 100 or 145 pound dog carries?

A. Lot. Sigh.

I may be the pee devil, but I'm cute. And currently POSSESSED.

And I'm not sure which one did it. All I know is they BOTH hide when I get home.

I don't know who you're yelling at, but it wasn't ME.
 UPDATED: I'd still rather deal with pee than eyeballs. That should've been the title of this post.


  1. Would doggy pee pads help? Also, I highly recommend a product called nature's miracle, it will help with any smell that may be left/helps clean the spots pretty well.

    1. Either that or a belly band for both dogs if you can find one big enough.....

    2. I don't think they make pads big enough for Chewy, and he's my #1 suspect. Really I need to replace the bad bad berber carpet up in that hallway anyway (and now, likely some of the subflooring). I bet once that's done and the smell is gone they'll quit.

      Then again, maybe maybe I should just leave it for now and keep using the enzyme spray to clean it up daily. Hmm. They'll be angry until everyone's home.

  2. It's too bad they can't visit Dave.

    1. Oh they can. I brought Thor over last week: just waiting for my truck to be fixed so I can bring Chewy. :)

  3. Nothing helps, I'm sorry to say. Just wait until they are OLD. Oh well, that's what paper towels are for, right?


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