Thursday, June 06, 2013

Snakipeder Defense League: ACTIVATE!

So this showed up on Facebook today.

thanks, J.H.Heimdal's Facebook page
And of course my IMMEDIATE reaction was to consider the value of a Viking Squirrel Horde, preferably in full Berserker mode, to send into the crawlspace under my house.

To attack and kill the Snakipeder(s) under there.

Because I planted a container vegetable garden on my back patio and seeded the dead space on the back lawn, and I STILL HAVE NO OUTSIDE WATER.

Because I'm a 6' chicken, that's why. I can face down human bullies all day, but I'm not going anywhere near any snake/centipede/spider things.

I'm not metal, so no, you can't call me Beyonce. She lives at The Bloggess's house.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this is what you need! Get lots and lots of them. Send them after the under-house dwelling snakipeders.

    If it turns out they have a prior engagement or they charge, like, $1000 a second, maybe you could find some miniature Beyonce the Giant Metal Chickens. You know, so they'll fit under there. I bet those would eat snakipeders.

    One thing's for sure: we need to find you a solution soon, because plants and grass need water. You don't want to give people directions to your house ending with "You can't miss it. It's the one surrounded by a brown, arid wasteland, sitting atop a horrifying snakipeder den."


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