Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Updated: But...Is There Hypoallergenic Tattoo Ink For My Rabbit??

So, I have relatives visiting this fall and was looking for anything equestrian-related to maybe go do while they're here, because they'll be six months early for the Houston Rodeo. A coworker suggested the Harris County Fair, which will be near my house (woohoo! Convenient AND close).

No joy: there's no horse stuff, just other livestock and FFA events. I was mildly bummed until I opened the rules page and found THIS:
NO EXCEPTIONS to Tattooing your Rabbits, people. Tramp stamp approved.

Someone may have to explain what sort of tattoos are appropriate for bunnies, because seriously I have visions of a green-mohawked, badass bunny with a tribal trampstamp above the tail. Do bunny tattoo artists give full sleeves? If so, would that change the luck factor regarding rabbits' foot key chains (which I consider pretty unlucky, personally, since it was decidedly unlucky for the rabbit)?
I should never click "publish" until I've let an idea percolate.
What if the bunny in Monty Python and The Holy Grail had been Tattooed? Would it have been even MORE of a badass?
Green Mohawk, tattooed face and arms, yelling "take this assholes!" and throwing the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch right back at The Mighty Tim??

Then I foolishly tried the search fields on the Houston Chronicle website. Please note the WHAT field, and the results the search gave me...

So...Katy Perry is now a Horse in October in Houston. Chased by Zombies and Dirty Girls.
In the mud. Wow.
Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this, except I don' think I've ever heard KP referred to as horsey in any way.

PS: I checked out the Zombie Charge event because it sounded fun...until I got to the "running through swamps/mud/trails/surprises" parts. This fat woman will not huff and shuffle through swamps in TX, particularly not when "surprises" could just as easily be gators or water moccasins instead of zombies.

Now, if I could shoot zombies with paintballs...

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