Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Updated for awesome. So...How Many Can I Request??

So, yesterday it occurred to me that elevators are a veritable buffet of potential hotness. 

I mean really, firefighters at the push of a button*? 

*I KNOW the button is for firefighters' use, not an awesome Bat signal for buff heroic types of either sex. 

**this is not a real post. But I'm back: real posts commencing forthwith! 

UPDATE: my super awesome cool EMT friend gave me the following fabulous tale from her career, and has graciously allowed me to add it to this post. Because apparently the appeal of a hot firefighter never goes away. 

"Okay my friend, settle in while I tell you my favorite "hot fireman" story. So, once upon a time, on one of my long paramedic shifts, and on one of the hottest days of the summer, my partner and I were called to the top floor of the local senior housing. The patient was an adorable, very elderly woman who was having enough respiratory distress that meant she needed to go to the hospital soon. We placed her on the cot, hooked her up to everything, and just then, the power went out. No A/C, no lights and most importantly, no elevator.

We called for the fire department, who promptly arrived and in a show of well-oiled manliness, hoisted the cot, the patient and all of the equipment upon their shoulders and proceeded to carry her down the 8 flights of stairs. At the landing just before the second flight, she leaned over, winked, and in the sweetest voice sang out, "You know? I just LOVE men, don't you?"'

Thanks Jarvis. I am ever in awe of your cool. 

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  1. Real enough! Some guy accidentally pushed that button while hitting my floor for me (sadly I work nowhere near the Fireman Floor). It was awkward.


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