Friday, November 07, 2014

The Houpocalypse Is Upon Us

Earlier this week I attempted to see whether I could look forward to drowning in a mudpit or roasting in a dust loud during my Saturday morning lead-the-horses-til-my-legs-scream hiking volunteer work.

Apparently there won't be any, since the news site I used indicated the world ends today at 3pm. 

And, there will be no weekend. 

It was nice knowing you, peeps! 

**disclaimer: as of this morning Houston appears to have a forecast through the weekend...we'll see if I make it. 

Also, with over 3" of rain this week, my hiking tomorrow will be more like mudskiing. Who needs Tough Mudder when a girl can get dragged through muddy trails for three hours by a stubborn, bitey horse? 

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