Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chewy is NOT a Mouseketeer.

According to exorcism/poltergeist/paranormal horror movies, night time is when evil wakes, right? midnight is the witching hour, 0300 is the demonic hour, etcetera etcetera...

Apparently in our house 0430 is Rodent Hour. If 0300 is the demonic hour in a sort of "demons saying fuck you to the holy trinity" way, what exactly is the mouse doing at 0430? 

Besides avoiding all the mouse bait and ripping up roach traps, I mean. 

Husband pointed out the other day...at least it's not a snakipeder (yay Siri recognizes "Snakepider" as a word). 

If only Chewy were as fierce in the house as he is outside. At one point last night I'm pretty sure he was lying by the water dish and was startled by our resilient rodent: he RAN into the bedroom and stayed there. 

Because he's a badass. Sigh. 

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