Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Stuff is...Something?

Apparently Facebook thinks I'm a dude with ED now, too. Which is really just Facebook's way of calling me Sir. 

I find this both amusing and annoying. My standard response at being called Sir is to look down at my rather ample boobs, look back at the "Sir-er" and just say, "really?" Works every time. 

But Facebook has no eyes...or shame. Ok that's probably not true: I bet Facebook has eyes everywhere. But the shameless part is true...and thus my smartass response is THWARTED. 

Also, I can't say I'd buy any product that doesn't know what it's selling. What IS "losme" and, since it's used as a verb, what would I never be doing again?? 

Either way, my stuff is fine, thanks. 

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