Friday, November 20, 2015

Errant Vegetables In The News

I love Huffington Post. No, I didn't include a link. Yes, that's on purpose.

Not because it's an example of fair journalism (they aren't), nor because of the quality writing (it often isn't), nor because the site is so full of integrity* (definitely not).

*this is a site that doesn't pay any of the writers. At all. They offer "exposure" instead...because bloggers, journalists, writers: we can all make a living on free exposure, right?

Hmm. I wonder what exposure tastes like, if that's the grocery budget?

Anyway, I love Huffington Post because they have the best headline writers.

Examples from today (all in the same section):
  • What Science Is - And How And Why It Works
    • Oh Neil deGrasse Tyson...I
  • Yes, You CAN Wear Red Lipstick, And Here's How
    • because the basic functionality of how a tube of lip color works is beyond most adults, apparently?
  • How To Successfully Navigate a Threesome
    • Again, ALL IN THE SAME SECTION (Science!)
      • Interestingly, this one pops up (haha) in the Women and Divorce sections as well. Hmm.
  • Can You Think Yourself Into A Different Person?
    • Are you attempting to invade someone else's brain and take over, like a body snatcher? WHY THE FUCK would you want to do that?
    • Clearly, I'm doing meditation all wrong if this is a thing.
  • The Latest Science On Having a Rewarding Christmas
    • Sigh
And my #1 favorite for the day:
  • Here's Why You Should Stop Scaring Your Poor Cats With Cucumbers
    • do I really need to say anything here? REALLY?


  1. Depends on if they are exposing themselves in public or on film......

    1. And sorry for the snark, but Huffpost annoys the hell out of me with their offers of "exposure", even though I am not a writer.

    2. No apologies necessary! I completely agree...but they do get some fabulous bloggers who come up with hilarious headlines. However, I would not write for them. Interestingly, Wil Wheaton recently blogged on his own site about not allowing HuffPo to republish a piece he'd written for exactly that reason.


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