Thursday, November 05, 2015

I Had Too Much Sugar Today

None of these are enough for a single post.

  • Someone found my blog by googling "unmanning husband" which sort of baffles AND intrigues me. 
    • OF COURSE I HAD TO GOOGLE IT. And I did indeed find the post in question...along with the oddest random assortment of links I've ever seen. Seriously, wtf? 
      • Macbeth - A critical reader
      • A tumblr site about...well, let's just say I'm not clicking THAT link
      • A Newsweek story asking the burning question: are women better grillers than men?
      • A book review for some fiction piece set in Sicily
      • The dictionary. 
  • Someone who shall not be named but is indeed extra evil posted about moist clowns on Facebook. THIS is why I hate social media. 
    • It's possible I harbor a bit of loathing now, and revenge plots swirl in my head. 
    • Particularly since my equally-evil aunt took that shit and ran with it and tormented me via text about moistened clowns all goddamned day. 
  • Just wait until someone finds my blog by searching THAT little phrase. I won't be clicking on any of those links either, FYI. 
  • Thor decided yesterday would be an awesome time to poop on my living room floor. Sigh. Because he's a jerk, that's why. He was neither ill nor left overly long. Related: A 100 pound German Shepherd would fit into adult sized Depends, right? 
  • I'm supposed to be NaNoWriMo-ing, but I've been in requirements hell at work and have yet to start my NaNo project for the month. Sigh. This weekend is going to be full of uninterrupted, no-social-media-no-TV writing time. I need to catch up, already. 
  • I bought paint for my living room two weeks ago. It took me 3 months to finish painting the last corner of my office...I wonder how long that paint will sit in the utility room waiting for me to erase dog-and-kid-and-moving smudges from the walls? 
  • OCD people probably shouldn't visit my house. 
  • Unless they want to which case, come on over! I have chocolate. 
Like I said...not a real post today: more of a superball ricocheting off the inside of my skull. 

Who CARES whether men or women are better grillers? 


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