Thursday, February 04, 2016

So, Googling THAT was probably stupid.

Yet another psycho's path to my blog.

So, someone (hopefully human, but really I'm a little up in the air on that assumption right now) found this blog by googling "cerberus eating baby".

First, what the actual fuck?

Second, due to poor punctuation placement I'm unclear whether this particular weirdo was looking for a baby who eats hellhounds, or a hellhound who eats babies.

Honestly, I think the baby eating hellhounds is more disturbing.

So, I googled it.


I'd like to point out that WebMD's link to Baby's Eating Milestones has NO reference to adding three headed hellhounds to the standard diet. I didn't look closely enough to see if there's a separate section on WebMD for demons...I suppose I could've missed something.

Also, immediately above the link to my blog (I did a Mythic Monday once on Hades and Cerberus here) is the following:

Should You Eat Your Baby's Placenta?

Dear Science News, babies don't HAVE a placenta. Babies ARRIVE in a placenta (or, perhaps more accurately, they exit the placenta?). Therefore, unless you plan on harvesting nonexistent baby innards (presumably male babies never grow a placenta for any reason, but hey...I'm no doctor OR alien DNA experimenter from XFiles) I THINK you mean "should you eat your placenta after your spawn no longer uses it."

Or some pithier version, I suppose.

I'd like to say what the actual fuck here as well, but I give up. Ugh.

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  1. My baby didn't come in a placenta, she came by a stork, I'm sure of it. Maybe I had electric shock therapy to block it out.


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