Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The First Step

Today, I applied for a job with a company I think is truly innovative, fun, and different. It would be a huge step up for me, but more importantly it would be a HUGE change.

The job is in Hillsboro, OREGON. A suburb of Portland.

Certain Banditos and aunt-types are going to kick my ass when they find out I'm actively looking, but it's time. It's SO time to make a change. If we keep waiting until we can financially make a big move we may never do it...and nine years in Minneapolis is quite enough.

My dog, who has been shoving his nose under my typing hands lately (hence the Blogging Around Dog issues) is finally napping on my office floor, the big black furball. It's pretty cute: he's surrounded by his stuffed animals. And pretending, in a very catlike manner, to ignore me.

I'm not fooled.

1 comment:

  1. Go YOU!
    Exactly with everything you're saying!
    My black furball is curled up behind my chair waiting to whimper when I try to move as to make me feel guilty for not giving him all my attention. Damn they are so cute but I'm still smarter!


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