Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stress in Various Incarnations

1. The Truck needed new bits and pieces, which cost about $75. No big deal, except then it cost $200 to get the fucking thing aligned, because the place that did it SCREWED my husband. Oh, it's been some time since I've seen him this pissed at anyone but me. Wowza. And away floats our extra cashola for the next 2 weeks. *sigh*

2. Open enrollment for benefits is currently happening. I've always done the insurance thing for the two of us becuase, since I work for a company based in London, premiums were always cheap or nonexistant. No longer...the big-ass company that's buying us out are apparently cheapskates when it comes to medical/dental/vision coverage. The MIDDLE plan, with a $1500 deductable that applies to everything that isn't preventative care, is more than 3x what I spend now. And it doesn't cover us for stuff like, oh, strep throat, because the deductible has to be met first. Hubby's isn't much better on price, but it's WAY better on coverage, so either way we'll have to bite the big one and shell out another $200/month. *sigh* Maybe the buyout assmonkeys will increase my salary to offset the cost. God I hope so.

3. Due to all these extra costs, our Florida plan is significantly lacking in the fundage area, even though we've been planning since May. Goddammit, I SUCK at budgeting and planning...in fact, I corralate my heavyness of body with my lightness of wallet: both are the direct result of my inability to impose self control. Will? What will?


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