Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Because I find weird shit in every corner of the country, that's why.

I spent a whirlwind weekend in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. True to form, I saw cool and fucked up shit.

*Actually, I have no idea whether there are assless chaps in Kansas. Don't assless chaps exist everywhere now? I didn't expect this hanging next to my head over the breakfast table, though. Awesome. 


The roadsign said  "BIG CEDAR."
Because standing in a tree large enough to house a family of four warrants a sign.

If not for this fence, I'd EAT YOUR FACE.

Bitch, take a picture because I'm FABULOUS.

Oh, also, the welcome sign in Forks, WA (for you Twilight fans out there) actually said "Welcome to the Twilight Zone." I was amused.

I did not see any Sasquatch, however...in Aberdeen, WA I saw a resturaunt advertising Sasquatch Pizza & Wings. I'm not sure what Sasquatch wings look/taste like. Hell, I wasn't aware Sasquatch were winged...are they like Pegasus, or did they become UFOs when no one was looking?

Sasquatch Icarus! DAMMIT!! I'll have to go back for a search.


  1. You definitely should have gotten one of those sasquatch pizzas! Then you could say you once ate a sasquatch!

    1. Oh...that is both brilliant and ever-so-wrong. You're right: I totally should have stopped there. Or at the very least gotten a picture of Sasquatch Wings...

  2. Fun! I love the HumpTulips... I burst out laughing.

    I noticed a theme with peacocks, they are proud motherfuckers. I have tons of pictures of peacocks on my camera/phone just because they pose so much and I fall for their tricks. I see one got you, too.

    Looks like it was a fun trip :)

  3. Anonymous8:11 PM

    aren't most chaps assless? One usually wears pants under them-

    1. Too true, but "assless chaps" was faster than "man ass sticking out from beneath chaps with no pants underneath" or some variation thereof. I was a lazy blogger...


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