Friday, March 08, 2013

This is a public service announcement, not a real post.

So due to a PLETHORA of spamming I've been getting since January, I broke down and added stupid word verification to my comments area.

Dammit. I really don't like doing that (mostly because I generally have trouble reading the fucking verification data myself and it sometimes stops me from commenting on other blogs). Pretty please comment anyway?

That just made me think of Despicable Me. "The physical appearance of the 'please' is irrelevant." Heehee.

I'm off to Seattle and Olympia (what? Starbucks capital of the world? yes please!) tonight to see my most awesome friend Erin...therefore, due to a high level of excitement and anticipation I'm completely unable to focus on any single fricken thing today. A so-called real post will likely happen on Monday, as today's brainpower is pretty well shot.


  1. Since you are off to the wild world of coffee... is the Trenti-sized coffee a real thing? Can you get an official answer on that from Seattle? Thanks :) Enjoy your trip!

    1. Indeed, it's a real size in MN also (although not at every store). Interestingly, there seemed to be a Seattle Coffee close to every Starbucks I saw...must be like the Caribou/Starbucks rivalry in MN. (And, now I'm amused at the thought of coffee "rivalry").


Unload your brainpan, but please prove you're not a Russian spam-bot. Or Skynet. I don't want the T1000 after me.