Saturday, May 18, 2013

Inappropriate Vacation Picture!

Due to some strange and fun mixup, Husband and I went back to our room* after dinner  in our fancypants Mexican resort and discovered this. 

Husband and I will be married 10 years this Halloween. While it's all romantic and shit to say "aww honey, it feels like we're newlyweds" we all know that's not true after a decade. Besides, we don't fight about stupid shit like wardrobe or household furniture mergers. We fight about important things, like who's snoring (usually it's Chewy, which we realize because the blissful snores haven't stopped while we snark at each other).  

Plus neither of us said anything about a honeymoon: just that we're celebrating Husband surviving his accident last fall. 

That cake was yummy and I ate it with no remorse for the couple who probably got a "congratulations! you survived!" cake and champagne. Because really, that's just as fitting. 

*iphone changed "room" to "tomb" twice while I wrote this post. I am amused and slightly unnerved. 

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  1. Just married a decade ago--congratulations! Hope you two newlyweds enjoy your stay in that room, tomb, womb, or whatever it is you've checked into.


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