Friday, May 17, 2013

Merida, she is NOT (a teaser-trailer for the Demented Disney Princess post)

This is not a real post. I'm going to sunny gorgeous Cancun tomorrow for a week with the recovering husband (dude, after the horrible fall/winter we had, it's time for a fricken cocktail on the beach!). Depending on his vice-grip on the iPad, I may or may not have an opportunity to post rude pictures from my balcony.

By rude, I mean sun/sand/ocean postcard-quality pictures (or the blurrier kind, which is more likely, although whether the PICTURES are blurry or it's just my drunken eyeballs...well, that may be up for debate). I do not mean the sort Go-Oogle* uses to say I'm too lewd. 

I'm a little ADD this afternoon, counting down minutes until we leave, so this post is likely shit. Sorry!!

Anyway, since we'll be gone** and my posting opportunities will be stymied, I'll wait to post anything on the Demented Disney Princess until I get back. Although she HAS made a point of looking ever day at my next-door neighbor's tulip garden (that's not a dirty euphemism...she really DOES have a lovely garden of multi-colored tulips) every goddamn day.

Yesterday she said "I wish I could figure out how she (neighbor) keeps the rabbits/squirrels/chipmunks from eating the bulbs in the fall!"

I did NOT say "she doesn't fucking FEED them every day, you twit."

But I REALLY wanted to.

*My readers (and commenters) are AWESOME, and I'm likely to start using Go Oogle instead of Google all the time now. Thanks!!

**My mother in law is dogsitting at our house, burglars, so don't bother robbing us. Between the three of them I'd be afraid to even knock on the door. And I say that with love: my MIL is pretty awesome.


  1. Ha! To my non-drunken but nonetheless blurry eyeballs it looked like you wrote that you might post nude pictures from the balcony. Hey, lower case n looks a lot like lower case r--perfectly innocent mistake! I know what kind of stuff goes on during Spring break. You're just a few weeks late.

    Whatever rude or nude things you do in Cancun, have fun! I will now go ogle some more blogs.

  2. I am waiting with baited breath for inappropriate pictures you naughty girl. The Tuna's are heading out of the hood for California at the end of the month. Out of the Dante's inferno known as Phoenix.

  3. I'm pretty sure just reading this post makes me wish I had a Miami Vice in my head. Drink many delicious fruity drinks for me!!


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