Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Yahoo Mail: There Are No Snakes In My Pants.

This isn't a real post...just a moment of amusement.

Today's winning Spam email (and by "winning" I mean most ridiculously humorous)?

"Replace your pant snake with a PYTHON" by Pharmacy Online.

Thank you, Pharmacy Online, but as I have no snakes in my pants and I have somewhat of a phobia of Snakes, Snakipeders, and other creatures...I TRULY don't want any pythons anywhere near me.I know some of my friends (and Husband) are big fans of snake-types, but not this girl.

Now, if you meant a trousersnake...while I AM a fan of men and man-parts, I myself do not have one, therefore your offer is still moot.

UPDATE: I responded to the email with this post and the comment "my pants have no room for snakes."

UPDATE 2: The response I sent failed. SO. I found the Pharmacy Online (by the website in the spam mail) on Twitter and sent them a link to this post. Because I have no snakes in my pants, and spam email is silly.

Happy Holidays, Pharmacy Online!


  1. I wonder if they have a product to enlarge snakipeders? If so, it would follow that someone could also make a product to shrink them. You could put this on the ones under your house. I think the smaller you made them, the less scary they'd be. I'm just sayin', it's worth looking into...

  2. yeah...that's hilarious. Be cool if it REALLY worked...can you imagine? What the hell???? There's an actual python in my PANTS!


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