Monday, December 16, 2013

Bored Sheep Farmers vs Ohio State Marching Band. Shepherds WIN.

Remember the super cool college football marching band that made itself into a T-Rex that ate a dude?

Wait. Read that sentence again.

My life is fucking weird.

Anyway, this?

Well. I do believe a group of really bored sheep farmers (aka shepherds) with some astounding choreography (and engineering) skills and really well trained sheepdogs have one-upped these kids. I mean...the title of this is "Extreme Sheep Herding" for crying out loud...

In other news, my life is weird and NOWHERE near as interesting as these. I think these dudes need to do the choreography for my next bellydance class.


  1. That video... The talent. I never would have found that had not you put it on your blog :) Thanks for that, Jess!

    Those men need to start using their skills for dancers. Or X-Factor

    1. I so agree!! I'm utterly impressed with all of it: the dogs, the choreography, the filming...those guys had to have spent months on this production.


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