Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today's Caffine Served by Samael, The Desolate One

This morning I stopped at Starbucks, because I'm an addict and I'm not sorry I stop every morning that I go into the office (today is an office day), and this little dude greeted me:
Samuel waving hello...or, screaming for help. 
FYI: THEY named him Samuel, not me. I would've named him Samael* The Desolate One and told everyone he was reaching out to swallow your soul. Or possibly given him sharp teeth like the Doctor Who snowmen...

*Spell-check doesn't recognize "Samael" as a word. Read your damn mythology, spell-check. Seriously.

In other news, the last couple of days I worked from home because 1) I felt like crap and 2) I'm trying desperately not to slip into a post-holiday/post-project-go-live-extravaganza depression. I'm tired. Really REALLY tired, and achy, and everything just doesn't feel good. Therefore, I stayed home and worked in my office there. I had companions.

Because it's hard to go anywhere in my house without companions, including the bathroom (particularly now that it's winter and the bathroom door doesn't quite Thor can open it, check on what's going on, and leave...after pushing the door all the way open. Asshole.)

Also, they snore, which isn't a big deal except while I'm working it's a constant reminder that they get to nap and I don't. I call shenangians.
Thor's special superpower: Sleep Contortionist. 

NOBODY gets past Chewy, bitches.
Also, please ignore that my bed is unmade. I hate making the bed: it seems wasteful since I'll just mess it up again anyway. 


  1. I'm struggling with the post holiday slump as well. A friend said in a text conversation: "Two weeks to celebrate, two months to get over it and caught up."

    You can barely see your bed in the photo ;) We don't make our bed, either, for the same reason. Except when someone comes over. I don't like people to see by naked sheets. Not that there's anything weird going on with my sheets. . . sheets just seem like the underthings of the bed wardrobe.

  2. My bed only gets made if we have company or I'm folding laundry in it.

    Your starbucks is much more creative than mine. Plus it's not an addiction. I can quit anytime. Seriously I can. I just don't WANT to.


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