Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moving proves feet can scream (so can that weird curve in your hand that connects your thumb to pointer finger).

I have a neat spot in my hand where the skin just decided "dude, I'm done with you" and split. Just...split. Thanks a lot, skin.

Also: you guys, someone found my blog by searching "do they share spouses at renaissance festivals."

I have a long list of things to blog about, including (but not limited to) the idiocy of the dogs and a whole discussion on the demonic THING I caught sight of in the bathroom at 3am...

But right now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm unpacked-out for the weekend, watching the most excellently babe-a-licious Thorin Oakenshield kick orc ass until Game of Thrones starts. All my cleverness died when the POD showed up yesterday and we spent the day in an exhausting flurry of "bring in all the things!" punctuated by "rest the hot, sweaty, gross bones for ten minutes."
I'll be more fun tomorrow. Tonight, there will be cake. And probably some sort of soon as I get husband to go pick up something for dinner.




  1. Maybe some ice cream would make you feel better! :)

    1. cream. And CAKE...yessssss CAKE!

  2. Back when Husband and I were but babes we moved in August. I thought for sure when we lay down to sleep that night that the only way we were going to meet our new neighbors was after they came investigating the smell of our dead bodies. I swore I would never move again. (sadly I broke that promise 4 more times but who's counting?)

    1. Oh...dear. The way I hurt, I should really NOT be laughing at that. But I am anyway...


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